→ Grateful Dead Downhill from here Alpine Valley 7/17/1989


One of the best shows in Dead history <3 (~);3

I may be going to hell in a bucket, babe
But at least I&#8217;m enjoying the ride. (~);}

Everyone come to Green Mountain Saturday for a free Beats Antique show :)


I may be young and enjoying the jam scene, but that doesn’t change the facts.
When I die, lay me to rest. 
Place a turntable on my chest. 
Put two speakers by my head. 
So I can jam to the Grateful Dead.
Today in Grateful Dead history: Dusseldorf Germany April 24, 1972 Disc 1&#160; 01 Truckin&#8217;  02 Tennessee Jed  03 Chinatown Shuffle  04 Black Throated Wind  05 China Cat Sunflower_  06 I Know You Rider  07 Mr. Charlie  08 Beat It On Down the Line  09 Loser  1972.04.24 Disc 2&#160; 01 Playing in the Band  02 Next Time You See Me  03 Me and Bobby McGee  04 Good Lovin&#8217;  05 Casey Jones  1972.04.24 Disc 3&#160; 01 Dark Star_  02 Me and My Uncle_  03 Dark Star_  04 Wharf Rat_  05 Sugar Magnolia  1972.04.24 Disc 4&#160; 01 He&#8217;s Gone  02 It Hurts Me Too  03 El Paso  04 Not Fade Away  05 Goin&#8217; Down the Road Feelin Bad  06 Not Fade Away  07 One More Saturday Night


Photo by Jay Blakesburg
Jerry Garcia Memorial - Golden Gate Park  August 13, 1995
so many tears of joy and pain and fear and loneliness and happiness and gratitude and everything spinning

Grateful Dead sound engineer (&amp; maker of famed “Betty-board” tapes) Betty Cantor-Jackson, 1971. Photo by Rosie McGee. (via Heads News on Twitter)


Every time I’m writing a paper and I mean to type “further” I always fucking type “furthur”

This is a serious problem in my life hahahah